Last Date of Paper submission- 30 July 2024 (Vol: 1, Issue: 7, July 2024)

Privacy Statement (PIJST.COM)

Procedure International Journal of Science and Technology (PIJST) may collect and use personal information that is necessary for the processing and publication of manuscripts submitted to us. At Procedure International Journal of Science and Technology (PIJST), there are four main categories of personal data stored by the website platform; Website User data, Author data, Reviewer data, and Editor data.

The minimum personal data that are stored are:

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Benefits of Publishing Paper in PIJST
  • Publication Guidelines : COPE Guidelines.
  • Indexing : All indexing Patners.
  • PIJST is International Peer Reviewed & Refereed Journals, Open Access Journal, Multidisciplinary, Monthly, Multilanguage scholarly open access journals.
  • ISSN approved Journal No 2584-2617.
  • Prompt Acknowledgement after acceptance of article for peer review.
  • Rapid Publication after the article is peer reviewed through eminent reviewers.
  • We Provide High visibility of your Published work.
  • Refereed Journal, Peer Journal and Indexed Journal and Quick, qualitative and Speedy Review and Publication Process.
  • Soft Copy of Certificate of Publication of all authors (instantly available after publication).
  • Nominal Fee for Professional Research Services, Low cost research journal.
  • Quick, Fast, automatic Speedy Review and publication Process.
  • Provide DOI (Digital Object Identifiers) to All Paper. Provide Hard copy of certificate based on request.
  • High impact factor and Fast paper publication.

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