Last Date of Paper submission- 30 July 2024 (Vol: 1, Issue: 7, July 2024)

Conferences (PIJST.COM)

Procedure International Journal of Science and Technology (PIJST) welcome national and international conferences to publish their proceedings online with low cast in special issues. It is the platform of Institute, University, and College etc for knowledge sharing. The aim is to focus on publishing high quality research papers to help the scientific community furthering our goal to preserve and disseminate scientific knowledge. Conference proceedings are accepted for publishing in PIJST on the basis of peer-reviewed papers. Our objective is to deliver the most valuable publication service to the global scholarly community.

  • Open Accessible for Life time.
  • Free access to all users.
  • Proceedings will be published in a Special Issue.
  • Authors can receive an e-Publication Certificate.
  • Authors keep full copyright over published articles.

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Why Choose PIJST Journal

Types of Articles invited

  •  Research Papers
  •  Experimental Result Papers
  •  Informative Article
  •  Case Studies Papers
  •  Comparative Studies
  •  Research Proposals or Synopsis
  •  New Innovation & Idea
  •  Survey Papers
  •  Analysis Study Research Papers
  •  Comparison Papers
  •  Review Papers
  •  Dissertation Chapters
  •   Working Projects
  •  Prototypes and Models and many More